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Hardness Testers from Newage Testing Instruments
Newage Testing Instruments is an established manufacturer and worldwide supplier of hardness testers and accessories, providing you with the ideal solutions for all your research and quality needs.

Newage offers a comprehensive range of hardness testers for Rockwell, Brinell, and Microhardness testing.  We offer Optical Systems and Software for measurement, data acquisition and analysis. We can equip your testers from our comprehensive list of Accessories - from test blocks, anvilsindenters and more. 

And, to support our customers, we also provide technical supportfield and factory service capabilities, calibration, training, competitor system upgradesproficiency testing and more.




We are pleased to announce the latest Series of test machines in a line of reliable, high precision and easy-to-use Rockwell hardness testing systems from Newage - The new Indentron Series.

- Virtually friction-free operation
- Dead weights ensure high accuracy and long term stability
- Full load is automatically applied at correct pre-load
- Simple to operate
- Easy calibration
- Large measurement envelope

Learn more about the NEW Indentron Series here.

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What's New
Introducing the new Indentron Series

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Innovative Brinell Optical Scanning System now features USB connection standard
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