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Selecting A Newage Rockwell Hardness Tester

Key Requirement

 Newage Hardness Tester 

Features & Benefits


Indentron Series

For demanding applications requiring precise measurement accuracy, the Indentron Series features a unique lever system that applies the load in a semi-automatic and virtually frictionless manner. This eliminates friction-related inconsistencies. The AB9000 does not depend on a secondary optical measurement, your test result is reported by the tester automatically. There is no subjectivity in the measured result.

Testing Accuracy in Difficult Environments

Versitron Series

When testing in poor environments containing dirt or vibration, the VERSITRON can compensate for environmental effects and ensure accurate test results.

High Volume

Versitron Series

The Versitron has special features ideal for high volume testing applications. The tester compensates for the problems commonly experienced in production environments and high-volume, in-line applications. Interchangeable test heads keep operations ongoing. In manual operations test cycles are fast and testing efficiency is maximized.

High Volume, But Economical

 ME-2 Series

This ME-2 is available in a motorized version, ideal for high volume, economy applications This tester is very durable, easy-to-use and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Large, Complex Test Parts

Versitron Series

The Versitron can clamp long parts with up to 240 pounds of force. Bench stands are available with up to 36" vertical capacity and other configurations can provide almost unlimited capacity. Using a special anvil the Versitron is ideal for testing tapered parts.

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