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Innovative Brinell Optical Scanning System
Release date: January 2012

All B.O.S.S.® (Brinell Optical Scanning System) units from Newage Testing Instruments now feature a USB connection as standard. This addition allows the field-proven B.O.S.S. to be used with any desk top, laptop or tablet style PC, while maintaining the accuracy and durability that the system is known for.

The B.O.S.S. represents the most significant technological improvement to Brinell testing since the test was first introduced.  The system measures Brinell impressions in seconds and yields a measurement resolution of 0.01mm. The system even takes into account such anomalies as impression roundness and overall surface finish.

Among the standard features of the B.O.S.S. system is a high-resolution video scanning head with video imaging software that operates in a Windows® environment.  The software and scanning head can be added to an existing computer or provided as a complete “turn-key” system using a computer with optional printer and mobile protective cabinet.

The powerful PC-based B.O.S.S. features Windows®-based software, statistical and reporting functions, data storage and transfer, and an assortment of advanced options.  These options include real-time advanced SPC, the ability to save a viewed image, and a manual measurement function that allows the B.O.S.S. to be used to measure other visually discernable aspects such as etched case depth layers.

The new OS-100X-HD option for the B.O.S.S. adds the ability to accurately measure light-load Brinell impressions made with test loads ranging from 62.5 Kgf to 187.5 Kgf and tungsten carbide ball indenters from 2.5mm and 5.0mm in diameter.  Both the standard and HD versions include an impression measurement scan head with built-in light source, imaging microchip and a reduced footprint with free stand adapter (where applicable).

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