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Jominy Fixtures


Newage® Jominy fixtures are for use with most Indentron, Versitron or ME-2 Series hardness testing systems.  This test fixture is designed to hold standard Jominy test samples for conducting Jominy H-band test configurations.  Available with either imperial or metric increments, the fixture features and easy-to-use indexing handle where one rotation equals a specific increment of the overall scale. 

The sample holder allows parts to be easily inserted, removed or rotated for testing on multiple sides.  Includes locking ring for firmly attaching the fixture to the elevating screw on the Indentron, Versitron or ME-2 Series.  For use on other than one of these model testers, a fixture will be supplied with a 3/4" anvil post only, although use of a locking ring, purchased from the manufacturer of the hardness tester is strongly recommended. 

Please specify the model tester to be used and whether your using the inch or mm scale when ordering.

  Manual Jominy Fixture

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