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Brinell Optical Systems

B.O.S.S. Brinell Optical Scanning System  

B.O.S.S.™ Brinell Optical Scanning System 

Meet the B.O.S.S. This brinell optical scanning system includes high resolution video scanning head and imaging software that ensures a fast, accurate and consistent reading of all brinell impressions. Add to your personal computer or ours. Tolerances can be used and signified audibly or visually (green/yellow/red). Created comprehensive reports of your testing, including the ability to image-capture your video impression.

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HiLight Optical Scope 

HiLight® Brinell Optical Scope

The HiLight Series features a high intensity LED light source providing excellent contrast for measuring your brinell impressions. With a 20X lens and narrow nose piece, it is ideal for restricted spaces. The “auto-motion” feature helps maximize battery life- the LED light is turned off automatically when the scope is not in use. No need to constantly check for accuracy. Meets ASTM E-10.

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Pocket Optical Scope - Model 35-450 

Model 35-450 Pocket Optical Scope

Ideal for economy applications, this versatile scope features a 20X magnification, pre-focused lens and narrow nose piece. Meets ASTM E-10.

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 B.O.S.S. Brinell Optical Scanning System

Accessories - Brinell Optical Systems

Newage Testing Instruments provides an assortment of accessories for all your Brinell optical products from software upgrades to our B.O.S.S. Optical Scanning System, to holding brackets and replacement batteries for our optical scopes.

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