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HiLight® Series Brinell Optical Scopes

The Newage® 5620 Series HiLight Brinell Optical Scopes features a high-efficiency LED array for its light source, providing excellent illumination and improved readability over conventional “flash light” scopes.  The LED array consists of four individual LEDs positioned to provide an even and consistent definition of the Brinell impression’s edge. The 5620 Series uses a 3V lithium CR2 battery.  Up to 200 hours of continuous use is typical before a battery change is required.  An optional motion sensor/timer can be used to automatically turn the scope On/Off.

The 5620 Series is available in three models: 5620-05 with adjustable focus; 5620-05A with adjustable focus and “auto motion” on/off feature; and a special order model 5620-01 with a 0.01mm scale division resolution.  All models are furnished with a CR2 (3V) lithium battery and a carrying case.

Optional accessories for the 5620 Series include a removable snap-on base for improved stability during testing and optional cradle used to secure the scope when not in use.


HiLight Optical Scope

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All systems conform to relevant CE standards and are CE marked. 

Features & Benefits
  • LED Array Light Source
    Improves illumination, light source lasts longer 
  • Excellent Resolution
    20X, adjustable focus with up to 0.01mm resolution 
  • Economical
    Compact design, portable, with carrying case for any Brinell impression.

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