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Model 35-450 Pocket Brinell Optical Scope

The Newage® 35-450 Pocket Brinell Optical Scope is an economical, 20X optical scope for reading Brinell impressions.  Its compact design and fixed focus makes it ideal for those applications where you need a quick, but economical method for measuring the indentation. 

A standard flashlight source, powered by a AAA battery, supplies the illumination.  The reticule is calibrated in 0.1mm graduations with a range of 6mm and a field diameter of 7mm.
Scope is supplied with a carrying case.


 Pocket Optical Scope - Model 35-450

Features & Benefits
  • Incandescant Light Source
    Low cost illumination
  • Excellent Readability
    20X, fixed focus with up to 0.1mm resolution
  • Economical
    Compact design, portable, with carrying case for any Brinell impression.

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