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Automotive Components Testing Solutions

Automotive Components Testing Solutions
Newage Testing Instruments is an A2LA accredited organization with a long history of suppling Rockwell, Brinell, and Microhardness testers to major auto manufacturers as well as a host of tier one suppliers.

Newage testers are designed to with stand the rigors of the production environment and allow measurements to be made directly at the manufacturing line or as an integral part of the process. 

We Supply Solutions For

In-Line and At-Line measurements for high production automotive components.
Feedback data for Heat Treatment process control
Pass / Fail Control
Wear and strength characteristics of rotating and or cast pasts for the engine and drive train
Turn key systems manufactured in the USA.

Hardness Testing of ferrous and non-ferrous components to internationally recognized ASTM standards is a well-established process.

The wear and strength characteristics of rotating and or cast parts in the engine and drive train following heat treatment are critical parameters in the automotive industry. Improperly heat treated parts can cause costly machining issues that can lead to rework and lost production time. While early failure can lead to increased warranty costs and customer dissatisfaction. In a worst scenario, this issues can have passenger safety consequences.

At-line Crankshaft Rockwell Tester

Hardness testers from Newage Testing Instruments can be used directly by the side of the production line or integrated into the production process. This allows for increased sampling rates for better production and quality control. Even 100% inspection is possible at production speeds of critical parts.

Case Hardening of rotating parts such gears, bearings, and crankshafts, provide a hard surface that resists wear and a softer tougher core that give the part strength. Newage Testing Instruments offers both traditional Microhardness Testers that can be automated to speed the process and reduce operator influence. High speed case depth measuring testers such as the MT-91 microhardness tester that can complete an effective case depth measurement in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Typical Applications for Automotive Component Testing Include
• Crankshafts 
• Pistons 
• Gears 
• Engine Blocks 
• Brake components 
• Drive shafts 
• Gas struts components
• Suspension parts 
• Power steering components 
• Pushbutton actuation 
• Springs 
• Sheet steel for body construction

At-line Crankshaft Rockwell Tester

At-line Crankshaft Rockwell Tester