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MT91 Series Microhardness Tester

The Newage MT91 System is an accurate, high-speed and cost-effective solution for applications requiring advanced microhardness testing functionality, such as complex case depth traverses.
MT91 Series Microhardness Tester
The Newage MT91 System is an automatic microhardness testing system that uses the Rockwell method for the hardness result. Hardness is measured based on the depth of penetration rather than using an optical system to determine hardness based on the impression diameter. 

The main advantages of the MT91 Series are its very fast test cycle coupled with its incredible test accuracy. No traditional microhardness testers can come close to matching the MT91 in speed or accuracy, since no manual interpretation of the impression is required.

MT91 Features and Benefits

Unmatched accuracy
Using precise Rockwell-type testing method.

Unrivalled testing speed 
As fast as six seconds per test cycle.

No operator interpretation of impressions needed 
Removes removes a common source of inaccuracies.

Custom fixturing 
Enables measurement of larger samples to further reduce prep time.

Less sample polishing needed 
A 400 grit polish is all that is needed for accurate results.

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MT91 Series Microhardness Tester