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Basic Metals Testing Solutions

Basic Metals Testing Solutions
Newage Testing Instruments is an A2LA accredited organization with a long history of suppling Rockwell, Brinell, and Microhardness testers to the basic metals industry, including major steel and aluminum producers. We supply innovative test solutions to re-melt steel mills and such heavy industry as railroad rail, forging die steels, drill pipe and Rod, and welded pipe.

Newage testers are designed to with stand the rigors of the heavy production environment and allow measurements to be made with minimal operator influence. We have been able to replace operator judgement with computerized measurement even in environments that destroy less well designed instruments.

We Supply These Superior Solutions
Automated Brinell testing for basic materials in steel and aluminum plants.
Brinell scopes that do not rely on external lighting and feature premium optics. 
Automated Brinell reading eliminating the need for the operator to optically read the Brinell impression, a task that is the greatest source of error due to operator influence and also causes operator fatigue
Clamping, test surface referencing Rockwell testers that allow accurate testing of large parts.
Potable Brinell Testers that bring the test to the part
Rockwell Jominy Testing of steel

Hardness Testing of ferrous and non-ferrous components to internationally recognized ASTM standards is a well-established process.

Hardness testing of raw materials is a way of controlling the manufacturing process and also of predicting other characteristics with an easier and less expensive test than chemical or tensile testing.

Our PB-7000 was the first Hydraulic Brinell tester to use a load cell to improve the accuracy of Brinell testing. The B.O.S.S. Brinell Optical Scanning Systems uses a scan head with built in lighting and camera to more accurately measure Brinell impression without operator influence. The AB-9000 is a direct reading Brinell tester working to the ASTM E103 specification. This tester completely removes operator influence by eliminating the optical reading of the Brinell impression.

Typical Applications for Basic Metals Testing Include
- Steel producers 
- Drill pipe and drill rod for petroleum production 
- Aluminum producers, casting and forging
- Railroad Rail
- Re-melt mini mills
- Forging die steels 
- Welded Pipe
- Railroad wheels
- Copper and brass producers

Metals Hardness Testing