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Rockwell Test Blocks

Newage® test blocks for Rockwell scales are ideal for verifying your Rockwell hardness testing system.
Rockwell Test Blocks
Rockwell test blocks serve as a reference, with each block having an average hardness value. The hardness value of each block is a nominal value. All blocks have a typical hardness variation based on the nominal value of the block. Typically, you should test and verify your hardness testing system daily against a Newage test block.

Newage test blocks for the Rockwell scales include “routine” type blocks and Yamamoto high accuracy test blocks.

NIST certification is available for Rockwell C Scale test blocks.

Rockwell Test Blocks Features and Benefits
- Meets ASTM E18-00 Section C
- Yamamoto and routine block types
- Include nominal face value with tolerance
- Some blocks are available with NIST certification (C Scale only)

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