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Hardness Testing Accessories

Newage Testing Instruments offers a wide range of indenters, anvils, clamping shields and other accessories for hardness testing.

For more information, see our products below or contact us.

NOTE! Our hardness testing accessories are also available for easy and safe online purchase on our webshop
  • Anvils

    Selecting the proper anvil will help ensure accurate hardness measurements. Anvils come in various styles, and help ensure that the sample remains stationary.

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  • Test Blocks
    Test Blocks

    Newage Testing Instruments offer a complete range of Newage test blocks from high precision Yamamoto blocks to routine blocks for Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop and Vickers testing.

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  • Clamping Shields
    Clamping Shields

    All Newage clamping shields may be attached without tools. Clamping shields provide a level of...

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  • Hardness Files
    Hardness Files

    Newage Hardness files are Yamamoto types, used to measure the resistance of solid surfaces to permanent deformation by a hardness file. The file has a single point (stylus tip).

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  • Indenters

    Newage Testing Instruments makes a variety of indenters and indenter accessories. See the full range here.

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  • Indenter Shrouds
    Indenter Shrouds

    Indenter shrouds are an integral part of the “test-surface referencing” feature found on the Versitron testers. See the full range here.

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  • Jominy Fixtures
    Jominy Fixtures

    Newage Jominy fixtures are designed to hold standard Jominy test samples for conducting Jominy H-band test configurations.

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  • Vise Fixture
    Vise Fixtures

    The Newage MS-106 self-leveling vise fixure is designed for use with conventionally mounted samples and many unmounted samples.

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  • X-Y Stages
    X-Y Stages

    We offer manually controlled X-Y stages with and without micrometers, and motorized X-Y stages such as the MS-251.

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