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Selecting a Brinell Hardness Tester

Selecting a Brinell Hardness Tester
The Brinell hardness test method often presents some challenges for users.

Poor operating conditions, inexperienced users, tedious high-volume testing and demanding applications contribute to reduce accuracy and repeatability.

Newage Brinell testers
can meet these challenges and help ensure accurate, consistent results.

Key Requirement

Newage Hardness Tester

Features & Benefits


9000N Series

The 9000N Series does not depend on a secondary optical measurement, your test result is reported by the tester automatically. There is no subjectivity in the measured result.


The B.O.S.S. optical system minimized operator error and subjectivity. The software provides a clear image of the indentation and a digital Brinell result. Add B.O.S.S. to any Brinell tester.

7000 Series

The 7000 Series features a hydraulic load system for precision load control.
High Volume Production

9000N Series

The 9000N Series features automatic depth measurement- tests are fast and simple. Test results are recorded automatically

B.O.S.S. with 7000 Series

The 7000 Series’ hydraulic stroke and easy-to-use elevating screw improves testing throughput. Combined with the B.O.S.S. software, results are obtained accuracy and quickly.
Low Volume Production

NB3010 Series

The NB3010 is economical and ideal for low volume applications. Uses motorized dead weight control and factory air for operation.

Pin Brinell

Thousands of users trust the Pin Brinell. It is economical, easy and reliable.

HiLight Scope

The HiLight optical scope uses an LED light source. Impressions are easy to read.
Large Parts and Components

7000 Series

The 7000 Series can be supplied with a vertical capacity of up to 48” (1.2m) or with a wall-mount option making vertical capacity virtually limitless.