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Pin Brinell Hardness Tester

The Pin Brinell is a cost effective instrument, which uses a calibrated shear pin to control the amount of load applied. Provides consistent loading regardless of operator. Tests in 100 - 730 equivalent Brinell range.
Pin Brinell Hardness Tester
The Newage Pin Brinell is the de-facto standard for economical Brinell hardness measurement.

This simple-to-use and inexpensive tester can be used across the entire Brinell range (HB100 to HB700). The Pin Brinell applies force to the indenter by the operator using a hammer or a clamping device. The force applied is controlled using a calibrated shear pin. When the load is applied and the force applied reaches the shear pin’s shear limit, the shear pin breaks. The diameter of the resulting indentation can then be read on a Brinell scope, such as our HiLight scope, or for more exacting measurements, on the Newage B.O.S.S. system

The Pin Brinell’s load to indentation size ratio provides a displacement that is equivalent to the most common Brinell test (3000 kg load, 10mm ball). The Brinell values are arrived at using the standard Brinell formula. 

Available in two models: the CPIT Impact Tester and CPST Static & Impact Tester. The CPIT model comes with the indenter holder, impact cylinder, regular indenter (HB100-450), handle for impact cylinder, and 250 calibrated shear pins. The CPST includes a manually activated clamping device for static testing including large flat, small flat and Vee anvils. It also includes the indenter holder, rubber indenter boot, regular indenter (HB100-45), 7X Brinell Scope, test block (nominal HB200), pin ejector, tools and 250 calibrated shear pins. Both models are supplied in a wooden protective case.

The Pin Brinell is compact and is ideal for those applications where mounting the sample on a more traditional bench tester may be impractical.

Watch How-To video here.

Pin Brinell Features and Benefits

Simple to Use 
One impression.  One measurement. No additional computation required.

Less Operator Influence on the Result
Consistent load regardless of operator technique.

Ideal for virtually any Brinell application- low initial cost, low operational cost.

One Model Does It All

Each of the pins works for the entire hardness range HB100-700.

Request more information to see how we can help you with a Brinell testing solution that suits your need.
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