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Software Upgrades

Software Upgrade
Designed and written by our own software programmers, DataView® was created specifically for use in collecting and processing hardness test result data.

First introduced almost 20 years ago, DataView® was developed using extensive customer input and our own hardness testing knowledge and experience.

There were combined with the goal of providing customers with a unique SPC software program that contained designations, calculations and routines most commonly used with hardness testers.

Redesigned in 2012 with an improved user interface and display screens, DataView® is also fully compatible with all Windows platforms.

DV-X1B - Data View® 
This new and improved Windows®  based software package is designed especially for collecting hardness test result data and performing real time statistical calculations including; average, average of N, standard deviation, histogram and XBar / R charting.

Individual "windows" provide the operator with a view of; user definable upper and lower tolerance, individual test results with HI/LO/OK indication, sequentially numbered test result history with date and time; real time XBar/R chart with upper and lower control limits and average.

DataView® also incorporates additional features including user definable fields which allow entering of data pertinent to the tests being including part number, heat number, etc.; round correction*, minimum thickness requirements*, and Newage's own Test Block Verification Program which allows verification and tracking of up to 26 separate hardness testers through applicable ASTM test block verification procedures and tracks each tester's performance over time.

C.A.M.S. Win®
Our user-friendly Windows® based software provides an operator with the ability to easily and conveniently view and measure conventional Knoop or Vickers microhardness impressions right on the C.A.M.S. Win® computer screen. Impression measurement is as simple as using the mouse to point and click on the points of the impression while C.A.M.S. Win® automatically calculates the resulting Microhardness value based on user definable settings for load and objective magnification used.

An added feature of the C.A.M.S. Win® system of all our software based systems, is that all of our software is designed and written in house by Newage engineers. Our software is not produced by a outside source and simply repackaged to appear as our own. Instead, our direct control over this aspect of the product is unique in our industry and allows us to provide customers with an unprecedented level of customer product support, and superior product reliability.

We can update or upgrade your current version of C.A.M.S. Win®  to the latest Windows operating system, and add features such as auto-measure, Inch/mm measurement, and Grain Sizing.

Software Upgrades

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