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General Manufacturing Testing Solutions

General Manufacturing Testing Solutions
Newage is a leader in the field of hardness testing. Founded in 1954 selling portable press and read instruments, we now cover virtually every hardness testing application. Newage sells and services testers for both ferrous and non-ferrous Metals and for Plastics and Friction materials. Most any material that has an elastic hardness can be measured. 

Our testers are working in most of the major automakers throughout the world. Tests include Brinell testing of aluminum engine bocks, transmission cases, and suspension components. Rockwell testing of crankshafts, piston pins, and body panels, microhardness testing of transmission gears, gas struts, and air bag components.

The bearing industry relies on Newage Testing Instruments for Quality Control of the steel raw material used and microhardness testing of the finished bearing components to ensure that proper case hardness has been created in the heat treat process to ensure long lasting products.

The gear industry relies on the MT-91 microhardness tester as the work horse of the industry measuring more parts in day than was thought possible before this tester was introduced. Aluminum companies use Newage Brinell testers to measure the raw materials during production and the aluminum parts manufacturers use our testers to ensure the quality and safety of the finished products.

Newage Testing Instruments is the go to supplier for hardness testing equipment across such industries as aerospace, agricultural equipment, consumer goods, munitions, defense, power production, and academia. The list just keeps going.

You will find our testers in the most rough and tumble manufacturing environments as iron casting plants to a clean room testing parts for the computer industry.

These are just some of the industries Newage Testing Instruments are hard at work in: 

- Automotive 
- Power Generation  
- Agricultural Equipment 
- Oil Patch 
- Munitions 
- Steel Manufacturing 
- Pharmaceutical 
- Aluminum manufacturing 
- Bearings
- Marine, Ship building 
- Consumer Goods 
 - Research