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Versitron Rockwell Hardness Tester Upgrades

Versitron Rockwell Hardness Tester Upgrade
All versions of Versitron test heads can be upgraded to the latest version BT-130, which features a large LCD panel display and operator interface, USB output and CE Certification.

BT-130R-115 Versitron® Advanced Digital Regular Rockwell Scales Test Head
For testing in Regular Rockwell scales with major loads of 60, 100 and 150 kgs with a preload of 10 kgs.

Features our unique Top Loading and Test Surface Referencing methodology together with an integral computer processor incorporating an easy to read, new easy to read, oversize, industrial grade LCD touch screen display for easy navigation and overview of measurements, settings and statistics.

Includes display of hardness number; user definable HI/LO tolerances with on screen indicator, 9999 test result memory capacity with integral SPC software functions including; average, Min, Max, average of X,  range, standard deviation, CPK, LcL, UcL, clear last result and clear all results as well as on screen charts including XBar-R and Histogram.

Other hardness testing functions include; adjustable time-at-load with on screen indicator, hardness conversion of test results and security code protected access. USB data output via RS-232 to USB converter.  Includes one each indenter and test block for HRC (NIST Traceable test block) and HRB.  Conforms to ASTM E-1818 and features CE approval.

See technical bulletin for additional specifications. Operating voltage indicated below. Requires test frame for a complete system.

Below Newage Testing Instruments can be upgraded to the Latest BT-130 Test Head.

Versitron Upgrades
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