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DataView Hardness Testing Software

DataView Software is an easy-to-use data acquisition utility that is compatible with all Newage or competitive hardness testers having an RS232 serial data output and capable of ASCII transmission.
DataView Hardness Testing Software
DataView Software is an easy-to-use data acquisition utility that is compatible with Newage Indentron, Versitron and AB-9000 hardness testers.  

DataView Software provides a seamless integration for transmitting hardness testing results to a personal computer for data analysis and documentation. The software permits documentation of part numbers, part name, heat number, special order number, load number, furnace number, lab number and up to three user-defined comment labels.  

Access to the software can be security protected so that only authorized users have access. You use the software to select the primary hardness scale you are testing to, plus you have provisions to perform automatic hardness scale conversion. You may even create a user-defined scale for your unique application.

Tolerances may also be established within the software for developing statistical calculations for HI, LO and OK indications.  X-Bar and R Charts can be used to plot High and Low test results.   

Results can be displayed or printed using a serial printer.  Pre-formatted report layouts are supplied including a data printout, data printout with user notes annotations, X-Bar Charts, R Charts, and histogram.

DataView Hardness Testing Software

Users can configure their report format headers. A Print Preview function allows you to view the report prior to printing. The software’s View Menu is used to display up to six different test attributes on your screen: X- Bar/R Chart, Histogram, Tile, Auto Tile, Tool Bar and Status Bar.  These view attributes can be used to customize your screen and how test results are displayed. Users may “tile” up to three individual test files.  A “Start” key on the operating display is used to automatically call the next test.

DataView Software Features and Benefits

Intuitive, menu-driven with intelligent prompts.

Custom Display Views

View up to three test result files- simultaneously.

Comprehensive Data Management
Embedded statistical analysis: Average, Min/Max, Range, Std. Deviation and more.

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    • DataView Software Version 1.6.1
      • Software Version 1.6.1 11-Sep-20. Fixed: 1) Crashing issue when previewing the report, 2) Now properly installs the Versitron USB-RS232 drivers, 3) Customers running DataView on non-English Microsoft Windows will correctly parse results from a tester regardless of the decimal separator settings.
    • DataView Software Version 1.6.0
      • Software Version 1.6.0 17-Jul-18. Added Features or Enhancements: 1) DataView now supports Rockey4ND license key in addition to the Rockey4, 2) Verification mode is improved for easier retrieval of previous verifications, 3) Added option to start DataView in Online mode, 4) Added option to include the original measurement in the data table when correcting for roundness, 5) DataView can now prompt a user to enter a note on every reading. Fixed: 1) Removed Newage and AMETEK logos from the reports, 2) The minimum thickness is now preserved between the closing and opening of a file, 3) Rockey4 drivers are now installed by the DataView installer, 4) Fixed formatting issues on reports in Excel, pdf, and tiff formats, 5) The Scheduled verification is now working correctly, 6) Users can no longer add/remove/edit data points without permission from an Administrator, 7) Added a user access right for note editing, 8) Issues relating to using files from version 1.4.3 are fixed, 9) Test files created with older versions of DataView now work properly.
    • DataView Software Version 1.5.2
      • DataView Software Version 1.5.2 28-Feb-17. Improved the roundness correction found in versions 1.5.0 and 1.5.1. Fixed: 1) Removed double roundness correction in hardness measurement, 2) Configured security is re-enabled on restart, 3) Results panel shows 0.0 until all measurements in the group size are read.
    • DataView Software Version 1.5.0
      • Software Version 1.5.0 27-Jun-16. Added Features: 1) Added Versitron USB-RS232 driver to the installer, 2) Dataviewer no longer requires Administrator privileges to run, 3) Improved installer is easy to complete. Fixed: 1) Option to turn off CP and CPK on report, 2) Fixed error when printing the report, 3) Fixed labeling error of converted measurements on the report, 4) The edited measurement is not saved to file, 5) The removed measurement isn't permanently removed, 6) Modified default page size for reports to A4.