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Newage Testing Instruments supplies a full range of pre- and post-sale services for Newage® hardness testers and many competitive hardness instruments.

Pre-sale services include helping you assess your hardness testing requires and recommending the best solution for your application to creating turn-key custom systems that integrate with existing equipment and processes. We can also provide upgrades to existing products, such as incorporating our C.A.M.S. software with your competitive hardness tester for advanced microhardness testing and analysis.

Post-sales services include both field and factory service from calibration to software upgrades to repair of Newage equipment and even service on competitive hardness testing products. We can supply installation and commission of your new products, technical training and we also are happy to offer complimentary technical support at no charge. Quality Assured!
  • Documentation and Manuals
    Documentation and Manuals

    In our Documentation and Manuals library, you will find the manuals for our Newage hardness and microhardness test equipment.

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  • Calibration

    Newage offers calibration services for all Newage hardness testers and microhardness testers.

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  • Repair

    Newage offers repair services for hardness testers and microhardness testers.

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  • Factory Service
    Factory Service

    Newage offers factory service for your hardness testing solution.

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  • Field Service
    Field Service

    Newage offers installations, training and technical support for all of your hardness testing equipment.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We get a lot of questions from hardness testing professionals. Find some of the most frequently asked questions here.

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  • Proficiency Testing
    Proficiency Testing

    Newage Testing Instruments' scope of accreditation includes the following: Rockwell Hardness Proficiency, Brinell Hardness Proficiency, Vickers Hardness Proficiency, Microindentation Hardness Proficiency and Leeb Hardness Proficiency.

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  • Automated Custom Systems
    Automated Custom Systems

    Looking for a custom hardness testing solution? Learn more about our automated and custom hardness testing systems here.

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  • Obsolete Products
    Obsolete Products

    Do you have an obsolete Newage hardness tester or microhardness tester? Find the replacement here.

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  • Terms and Conditions
    Terms and Conditions

    Find our terms and conditions here.

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