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Versitron Reads 100 or 130 All the Time - What Should I Do

If your Versitron Rockwell hardness tester keeps reading 100 or 130, this is an indication that the depth measuring transducer has been pushed out of its measuring range and is not registering any depth of penetration during a test.

For testers that are set on a Regular Rockwell Diamond scale or a Superficial scale, the display will continuously read 100 (or close to it) and for testers set on a Regular Rockwell Ball scale, it will read 130 (or close to that).

The most common causes for this problem are either testing without the indenter shroud in place or testing a small part or small area of a part that slips away from the shroud during the test, and pushes up on the indenter only.

To resolve this problem, contact a knowledgeable service technician to confirm the nature of the problem and how best to proceed.