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What Does Test Surface Referencing Mean

Test Surface Referencing: Surrounding the Versitrons indenter is a shroud or nosepiece. The indenter's tip protrudes slightly beyond the flat surface of the nosepiece.

As the preliminary force is being applied, the nosepiece comes closer and closer to the test surface. Once the nosepiece touches the surface, the minor load is fully applied.

In other words, it takes the minor loads force to make the nosepiece contact the test surface. Once this happens, a relationship is formed between the nosepiece, the indenter, and the work piece.

Should the work piece move downward under load, the nosepiece maintains the relationship between the three areas listed above. This insures an accurate reading as though the part did not move at all. This also eliminates the need for much of the maintenance required by conventional machines, as dirt and grease will not affect the Versitron.

While conventional machines require that both the test surface, and the underside of the part be free of dirt grease and scale, the Versitron only requires that the test surface be prepared. Additionally, tubular parts can be tested on the O.D. without the typically sectioning and grinding associated with other machines.