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Selecting a Microhardness Tester for Knoop or Vickers

Selecting a Microhardness Tester for Knoop Testing
Use this guide to find your next microhardness tester based on speed, accuracy and documentation requirements.

Key Requirement

Newage Hardness Tester

Features & Benefits


C.A.M.S. System

The C.A.M.S. system provides an automatic measurement of the indentations and removes operator influence. When measuring manually on-screen resolution provides a larger image for more accurate measurement.

MT91 Series

The MT90 Series removes the operator from the measurement process using a Rockwell-like depth of indentation measurement.

MT91 Series

The MT90 Series can perform an entire case depth analysis in a few minutes with a test cycle of six or seven seconds. Automatic measurements and automatic documentation can speed up testing.

MS-ZH Series

The HMV Series provides automatic turret and other options to improve and increase the operator’s throughput and testing efficiency.

MT91 Series

The MT90 Series stores predefined test sequences and can store and chart data from a near infinite number of tests or traverse sequences.

MS-ZH Series

The HMV-2 Series can store test results in multiple files and do statistical analysis for data in each file.