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Quick and Easy Shopping of Hardness Testing Accessories

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Newage Testing Instruments, an established manufacturer and worldwide supplier of hardness testers and accessories, announces the launch of its new webshop,

The webshop offers quick, reliable, and secure online shopping of hardness testing accessories such as shear pins, test blocks, indenters, anvils, and similar accessories, that can be used with both Newage’s products as well as other Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, and Knoop hardness testing and microhardness testing systems. Additionally, Brinell optical scopes and scanning systems, portable Brinell testers, and Brinell accessories are available for delivery right to the customer’s doorstep.

The new webshop is a big step forward in the ease of purchasing accessories within the hardness testing industry, and as customers are getting more accustomed to online shopping and seeing the benefits, Lisbeth Hoier Harpsoe, Global Marketing Manager at AMETEK STC, predicts online shopping as the new norm for stocking up on accessories within this industry.

“Shopping online is convenient, as you can place your order anytime that fits your schedule, without the constraints of your supplier’s business hours. During COVID-19, more people have relied on this flexible way of shopping in their personal life. We saw an advantage for our customers if we could bring that flexibility into their work-life as well. Additionally, when buying accessories, such as test blocks and indenters for hardness testing equipment, there is a lot of repeat ordering of the same consumable items, so we wanted to make it quick and simple for our customers to purchase the items they frequently buy so ordering is more efficient”, Lisbeth Hoier Harpsoe explains. 

To accommodate this, the webshop automatically stores previous orders, so the next time customers logs in to re-order they can quickly do this with an overview of their personal shopping history.
When searching for a product for the first time, a filtering feature dynamically updates the product listings to reflect which options are available based on the customer’s selections. Customers are also able to compare products to ensure they are meeting their requirements with the best options.

Though offering hardness testing products through online sales is new to Newage, selling products through a webshop is not new to AMETEK STC, the parent company of Newage. 

“We’ve offered our line of U.S. Gauge pressure measurement products through our webshop since 2014. We have solid experience servicing our customers through secure online sales and understand the logistics required. As an international player in both the pressure gauge and hardness testing markets, we ship our products worldwide and have served customers based in USA, Europe, and Asia through this channel for many years. We look forward to continuing to service these markets and updating our offerings and the online user experiences to suit the needs of our customers”, Lisbeth Hoier Harpsoe says.