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Acquire the most Accurate and Easy Way to Perform Your Brinell Testing

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Brinell testing is a widely used method for measuring the hardness of metals. There are several reasons why this method is so popular, including that Brinell testing can be used for all types of metals and that it offers a very accurate and simple testing method.

The manual reading is quite easy and straightforward, but here you come across what is also the one disadvantage of the Brinell method. The manual reading via microscope has a high risk of human error and requires training and concentration to achieve accurate results. Since the formula for the Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) calculation highly depends on the indent impression reading, these readings require high accuracy.

That is why AMETEK Newage developed the popular B.O.S.S system which virtually eliminate operator influence on the test results. The B.O.S.S. represents the most significant technological improvement to Brinell testing since the test was first introduced. It measures Brinell impressions faster, more accurately and more consistently than other solutions, and it improves quality control with advanced data acquisition and analysis capabilities.

The B.O.S.S. System uses a compact scanning head attached to a computer using the B.O.S.S software to measure impression diameters in seconds and yields a measurement resolution of 0.01mm.
The B.O.S.S software is used to set up the criteria for the reading and performs the necessary Brinell Hardness Number calculations to ASTM standards. The system even takes into account such anomalies as impression roundness and surface finish of samples. 

In this latest launch, the popular B.O.S.S software has been optimized with an even better user interface that is very intuitive in a familiar window-based environment and with faster and easier installation. The new configurable display shows the 10 most recent readings and features customizable measurement screens you can configure to tailor the software to your specific application. An updated demonstration mode allows for multiple impressions, creating an improved sales and training experience.

It is impossible to find a more accurate or easier way to perform your Brinell testing than with the improved market-leading updated B.O.S.S system.